What's the point of loving animals?

May 1, 2021

You may love puppies. Love to grab them, to feel how soft they are. Get them into a box and show it to your friends. Put some clothes on it a collar and happily walk it through the city streets. You can hairdress them and feed them with vegan food. How do you love it? Well, so much indeed.

But animals?

You may not love animals. An elephant doesn't love a tiger, nor a colibrí or an ant.

Do you love ants? Do you love dogs but not ants? Do you respect dogs but not ants?

Being consistent is certainly not so easy, one has to admit it.

But we use the same term love for our significant other and for pasta with tomato sauce.

Animals should be left alone. Pets should not be sterilized, not enclosed in city apartments. Not shaved or hair trimmed. And, come on, one should not speak with them assuming that they understand. One can talk to them as a metaphor to self-talk, as when, from inside our car we speak to other drivers. They are not going to hear.

One should not own something that is not an object. One may end up owning a living being, but one should not desire it.

-Can I ask you a question- 

-Please, go ahead- 

-What about animals we eat or use for services?- 

-There we have a contraddicion sir-

Strictly speaking, if one denies human domination over other animals, none of them should be even touched.

The point here is not to deny human domination and universal respect among animals (including humans).

Humans lead the world and exploit other animals and often other humans for their own benefit.

If one admits that this approach is acceptable (it's very hard not to) one might also accept the existence of pets.

A chicken gives us eggs and meet, a puppy gives us endorphins.

If one accepts the latter analogy the existence of puppies is acceptable.

The theoretical clash occurs when exploited animals are considered as part of the owner team, one of them, family. And that's sometimes needed to allow the endorphins to be generated.

Thus the essence of the pet animals is perceived as a superior and silent spirit and believed as a religion.

Human interaction has therefore to compete with this celestial interaction perception between a man and a pet. That's giving the former a hard time ahead.

One should leave animals be. Lions, elephants, dogs and ants. If, for some reason humans and animals share the same space, good for anyone. There can be respect and friendship. Endorphins may generate in humans. At this point, humans may detect bad initiatives by a simple test. Would the human like and accept that initiative coming from the animal?


Hug? Good.

Share or donate food? Good

Cut genitals? Wrong

Take out freedom of movement/leash/apartment? Wrong

Control over shit and pee? Wrong

Underskin microchip? Wrong